ES2015 Kids 70mm Refractor Astronomical Telescope with 3X Barlow Lens


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▫360mm focal length and 70mm aperture increase light transmission and provide clearer images. Fully multi-coated optical glass with high transmission coatings creates crisp images with increased brightness and clarity.

▫The kid’s telescope uses the latest generation of two (K6mm, K25mm) 1.25″ interchangeable Kellners eyepiece, which is better than Huygens eyepieces. Multiple coating designs reduce chromatic aberration and distortion.3X Barlow lens increases the magnification three times ( Up to 180X), which can meet your different needs for observation.

▫Our 45°Erect-image diagonal prism with a built-in reversing lens achieve Erect images. 5X24 finderscope with mounting bracket helps you locate objects faster and earlier. Ideal gift for children beginners for a birthday, easy to set up without tools, even for novices.

▫It with Aluminium tripod can be adjusted from 16.1inch to 51.6inch. Adjustable by 180° in the vertical direction and 360°in the horizontal direction, you can easily track objects precisely day or night. Also with phone mount enable you to take videos and images. This phone adapter can be quicker and easier installation than a traditional phone adapter.

▫At or near a full moon period, the moon is too bright to see details due to the spotlight effect of the telescope. So metal moon filter can protect your eyes from glare. The constellation diagram helps you find a constellation easily. It is a good guide for children or astronomy beginners. The objective cover can protect the lens from dust and scratch.


ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 01

70mm LARGE APERTURE & fully coated optical all-glass lens

Fully coated optical glass creates higher transmission coatings, a brighter image, and clarity.

Metal moon filter improves better and clear observation of the moon and also protects your eyes from glare.

ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 02
ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 03

14-180X Magnification

Two 1.25” High Power Interchangeable Eyepieces

Low to high zoom magnification can meet your different observing needs.

Stronger light transmission and higher clarity than ‘H’ eyepiece.

3X Barlow lens increases the magnification three times, which can make the magnification up to 180X.

Adjustable Aluminum Tripod

Durable to use Locks solidly stays right in place for steady images.

ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 04
ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 05

45°Erect-image Diagonal Prism

Erect-image diagonal achieve erect images,
comfortable and easy for observation.
45 degree reduce eye and neck strain.


ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 06
ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 07


1  Eyepiece – Diagonal Lens
2  Finderscope
3  Objective
4  Tripod Head

Adjustable Observation Angle

The telescope is adjustable by 180°in a vertical direction and by 360°in a horizontal direction.

ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 08


Easy installation and easy operation.

ES2015 Astronomical Telescope-Description 09





Refractor Telescope

Objective Lens:


Focal Length:



K6mm K25mm (1.25″)

Finder Scope:



Adjustable Aluminium Tripod

Applicable User:

Children, Beginners

Package List:

1 × Aluminum Tripod, 1 × Telescope Tube, 1 × Phone Adapter, 1 × Constellation, 1 × Finderscope(5×24), 1 × Erect Diagonal Prism, 1 × Moon Folter, 1 × Eyepiece(K6mm), 1 × Eyepiece(K25mm)