ES1101 5X40 Night Vision Infrared Monocular with 1.5″ TFT LCD


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▫ES1101 with CMOS sensor achieves clear view up to 5X optical magnification and 8X digital zoom magnification with 40mm objective lens.

Built-in infrared Illuminator enables observe target is totally dark condition and the range up to 656 feet. CCD auxiliary lighting keeps the image clear and bright. During the day or low light, observation distance is infinite.

Eyepiece adjustable diopter and eyecup can be folded down for wearing eyeglasses observation.

▫Has photo shooting and video recording with sound, and playback functions on a 1.5 inch TFT LCD. The resolution of the image is 640 x 480.

It can also connect the computer with a USB cable and connect TV with TV cable, USB and AV OUT sockets are equipped that allows you to share your images and videos to your family and social media. You can rotate the focusing handwheel to get a clear image easily.

16G TF card included can enlarge the storage.


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The night vision monocular with infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor and CCD auxiliary lighting, 
it can be used during day and night.

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The night vision monocular can record images, videos and playback functions.

USB, AV OUT, DC IN Sockets

Equip with USB; AV OUT and DC IN sockets; connect to the computer; fast transmission of pictures and video information.

Features a threaded tripod mount and weaver rail to secure a tripod or connect an additional IR illuminator. It recharges the battery using the DC IN socket by a power adapter.

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5X Optical Magnification

1-8X Digital Zoom Magnification

5X optical magnification and 1-8X digital zoom magnification bring object detail to your eyes. 

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16G TF Card

16G TF card includes enlarging the storage. 

Rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand. Tight-fitting protection makes it usable to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Completely sealed and nitrogen-filled makes it fog and rainproof prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the monocular.

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1  Eyepiece
2  Function Button
3  Output Interface
4  Objective Lens

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Easy installation and easy operation.

Night Vision Binocular

9 IR levels are adjustable according to the ambient light.

It is suitable for hunting and scouting games; security and surveillance; camping fun; exploring caves; nighttime navigation; night fishing and boating; wildlife observation; search and rescue; nighttime show; bird watching; scenery.

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Optical Design:





Night Vision

Camera Type:

Ultra-low-lighting CMOS

Field of View:

5°x 3.75°

Minimum working illuminance:

0.01 lux

Visible Distance in Low-lighting:

2.5m – infinity under natural starlight

Observing Distance(dark environment):


Low-lighting infrared power:

1W 850μm

Dimension of Objectives:


Resolution of Displayed Image:

300,000 pixels 640 x 480

Camera Pixel:

300,000 pixel SD

Storage Capacity:

4GB to 32GB (16GB included)

Battery Type:

14500 3.7V/750mAH (Included)

Operating Temperature Range:



Night Hunting and Scouting game, Security and surveillance, Camping fun, Exploring caves, Night navigation, Night fishing, and boating, Wildlife observation, Search and rescue, Scenery


English, French, German, Italian, Japanese & Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic

Package List:

1x AV Video Cable, 1x USB Cable, 1x 16GB TF card, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Pouch, 1x Accessory Bag, 1x Operating Instructions, 1x Hand Grip Strap, 1x Battery (14500 3.7V/750mAH), 1x Cleaning Cloths.