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We are a global brand specializing in optical instruments, outdoor gear, and electronic products, born in 2012.

We focus on the experience of optical products in the event horizon display and outdoor use, and were inspired by images of nebulae and planetary details in the vast universe sent back from NASA’s space facility. Most of all, we love the study of optical products, and so we want to sell our products, to people who also love looking at the sky, the view, the outdoors, and all kinds of people who need to live and work in an optical environment.

We are ESSLNB.



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Finish time ——

Our design method is a comprehensive optimization of optical performance and cost-performance.

We know that it is challenging to make an optical device that is easy to use, simple, and affordable price.






Quality ——

From the carefully selected glass components of the Telescope Bak-4 and the all-aluminum triangular support to the material of the weathering plate sight and the grinding and fabrication of the steel pipe, as well as the optimization of the operation of the electronic components and products, we select and customize high-quality components for each ESSLNB product.

We hope you enjoy exploring the world with it.




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If you’d like to ask any questions, please email:

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